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Stephan Isberian
Our Philosophy

The Isberian family has been in the rug trade for over 100 years. This lifelong passion spans five generations and is why we can truly say that we are Colorado's rug experts. From our one-of-a-kind custom projects to our master repair and restoration service, we are experts in the art of rugs. Our stores are located in the heart of downtown Aspen and Basalt and our family has been closely connected to the Roaring Fork Valley community for over 50 years.

Stephan G. Isberian, owner of Isberian Rug Co. Inc. was born in Chicago, Ill in 1944. His parents, Manoog and Araxi Isberian, immigrated to the United States during World War I. They fled Turkey, as survivors of the Armenian genocide of 1915, carrying with them the hopes and dreams shared by thousands of other immigrant families. Stephan’s father and mother both originated from prominent rug weaving families in Anatolia, Sivas and Kayseri, and it was only natural that these traditions be carried with them and passed on to future generations.

This family operation dates back to 1898 in Chicago and is now in its 5th generation of continuous operation. The sales and service, i.e. cleaning, repair, restoration, etc. of antique, semi-antique and contemporary oriental rugs, Navajo weavings and tapestries have been the focus of the family business for over 100 years. Stephan’s days in the rug trade began in the early years of his childhood. Each day after school, he and his brother would go to work at their parents’ store, cleaning and repairing rugs. It was expected of them to learn the rug trade as well as to contribute to the family business, and it was during this time that he was taught the founding principles, which would lead to his future success. Today, Stephan attributes learning the most valuable lesson of his entrepreneurship to his growing up in the family owned and operated business: always be your own boss, lead, do not follow.

Stephan began traveling overseas in 1964 buying rugs and carpets throughout the Middle East and Central Asia for the family business. From 1964 to 1977, Stephan and Heather Isberian, his wife and co-owner of Isberian Rug Co, made more than 11 overland trips from Europe to Afghanistan taking different routes each time buying and trading in antique carpets. They moved to Aspen, Colorado permanently in 1967, and opened their own rug store. Michael Isberian, Stephan’s brother, remained in the greater Chicago area and continued to operate the original family business. Michael is an expert in antique rugs, repair & restoration, cleaning, and appraisals. He frequently lectures at rug societies, seminars, and private occasions.

Stephan recalled:
“In the early days of Aspen, there were few customers buying rugs for their homes in the Valley. Most rug purchases were for second homes or condos for rental. This, in turn, allowed us to develop out of area clients who purchased rugs for their first home as well. Realizing that the market was growing considerably and shifting towards a demand for wall-to-wall carpet, I opened Stephan’s Carpets. This company, employing 22 carpet layers, grew to be the largest carpet company in the Roaring Fork Valley.”

The Isberian Rug Co Inc. has grown over the last 50 years to be the premiere rug store in Colorado and beyond. The showroom in Aspen is our flagship location, showcasing a diverse variety of antique, new, and modern rugs, accessories, and an extensive collection of antique Navajo weavings. In 1999, Stephan and Heather Isberian built their second location in Basalt, Colorado. This building is a 9000 sq. ft. state of the art rug washing facility as well as a complete restoration facility with a master repair staff, and three retail showrooms, one of which is dedicated to only modern and custom rugs. The company’s expansion to the Basalt location, 19 miles west of Aspen, has developed into an integral part of the company’s success; the service business, rug cleaning and repair, sets us apart from other rug retailers.

Stephan Isberian has consistently stayed true to the code of business ethics that were first ingrained when he was a child: Reputation is everything; great service, honesty and integrity will ensure success. Stephan recalled what his father used to say to him when he was a child:
“It doesn’t matter how many rugs you have, or how much money you have. What makes you wealthy and a success is how many customers you have and what those customers are saying about you and your company.”

One of the Isberian Family’s greatest assets, as a generational business, is their true depth of knowledge and experience with the product. It is their sound and honest business approach and expertise that really distinguishes them in the rug trade.