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Trends in the Art of Rugs

We had the pleasure of participating in the Aspen Art fair last week and we noticed the vast interest in modern and contemporary art displayed throughout the exhibitions. We know that the majority of what is defined as “art” is hung on the walls or in the form of statuary art but people sometimes forget some of the other forms of art. That’s right, we’re talking about the “Art under foot.” Rugs and textiles have embellished homes from the beginning of time.

Isberian Rug Company Spring Cleaning Sale

Spring Rug Cleaning Sale

We're excited to announce that we're in the midst of our semi-annual Rug Cleaning Sale! Hurry in to get your rugs cleaned for just $1.50 sq/ft – a savings of up to 40% off the regular price. 

Don't be fooled by the charlatans in the rug cleaning business. We are the only local company that uses a 100% non-chemical process that's proven to be safe for your children and pets. 

How often should you get your rugs cleaned? 

Cleaning a rug spill

How To Clean a Spill on Your Rug

As your rug cleaning experts, we thought that we would share some of our tips and tricks for maintaining your area rugs at home.  No matter how careful we all try to be, it is inevitable that at some point we will all have to deal with a stain or spill on our rugs.  We receive a lot of calls from our customers asking us for advise on how to clean-up after a spill.  So, here is a list of steps to follow:

1. Using a clean white towel, begin by blotting up the excess liquid that has spilled.

Rug sun fading and UV protection

Sun Fading: Is UV Protection a Scam?

Beware of the UV protection scam! We have noticed that some companies that claim to be "expert rug washers" and some wall to wall carpet cleaners are advertising UV protection for your rugs. We want you to know the truth about protecting your rug from sun fading damage. UV products, like scotch-guard, are a combination of heavy chemicals that are sprayed over your rug, creating a harmful film on the surface of the rug.  Since wool, silk, hemp, etc. are natural fibers, they must be able to breathe.

Essential Rug Terms

Learn all of the essential rug terminology from Abrash to Zel-i-Sultan and everything in-between!

Abrash: Variations in the shade of a single color within a carpet, usually appearing in a horizontal line. Abrash can be caused when the weaver uses wool to which the dye has been unevenly applied, or uses wool from different dye lots. Even within the same dye lot abrash can be caused by differences in the water used to rinse the dyed wool or by differences in the wool itself.