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Rug sun fading and UV protection

Sun Fading: Is UV Protection a Scam?

Beware of the UV protection scam! We have noticed that some companies that claim to be "expert rug washers" and some wall to wall carpet cleaners are advertising UV protection for your rugs. We want you to know the truth about protecting your rug from sun fading damage. UV products, like scotch-guard, are a combination of heavy chemicals that are sprayed over your rug, creating a harmful film on the surface of the rug.  Since wool, silk, hemp, etc. are natural fibers, they must be able to breathe. This harmful chemical coating not only fails to protect your rug from UV rays, but instead leaves the natural fibers of your rug clogged and unable to breathe.  We have also noticed that these types of products are removed from the surface of your rug as you walk on and use your rug- this will especially be apparent in high traffic areas.  Furthermore, it is extremely difficult to properly clean a rug after a chemical protectant has been applied because it seals the surface of the rug, usually trapping dirt, grit, and stains underneath.     

Here is the truth about sun fading, as well as our best advise for avoiding this type of damage.  Sun fading is somewhat inevitable, however, we recommend that you draw your blinds closed as often as possible to block out the sun and its harmful UV rays.  Some rugs can withstand direct sunlight better than others, depending on the quality of the wool and dyes used.  We also recommend that you rotate your rug every three-six months to ensure that the rug is being used evenly on both sides.  This also guarantees that the rug is receiving the same amount of sun exposure on each side.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or if you would like to make an appointment to have your rug rotated.