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Trends in the Art of Rugs

We had the pleasure of participating in the Aspen Art fair last week and we noticed the vast interest in modern and contemporary art displayed throughout the exhibitions. We know that the majority of what is defined as “art” is hung on the walls or in the form of statuary art but people sometimes forget some of the other forms of art. That’s right, we’re talking about the “Art under foot.” Rugs and textiles have embellished homes from the beginning of time. Today we are seeing a complete revision of the art rug industry, which includes the introduction of modern, contemporary, and custom design carpets.

The rug industry has introduced a whole new concept of floor coverings. Today, we see plain and minimal designs, conservative colors, and non-competitive carpets for homes and offices. On the other hand, we have a segment that features bold colors and unique designs that make a real statement in their application. For years there has been a concern and even a fear of adding color and pattern to the rugs. This was due to the misunderstanding that the rugs would compete and even detract from the furniture and art in the room. A trend of placing sisal as a neutral floor carpet has created a secondary and poor solution to the “what shall I do” question. A pet stain, a spill, or even a simple watermark will leave a permanent discoloration. We have not assessed the real use of a rug as “art under foot.” We tend to forget that the warmth, color, design, richness, sound mitigation, and much much more are the traits of a floor covering.

How to acquire the correct rug for your needs is the most important factor in today’s market. Every possible example is available online, however, this method is quite misleading. You’re never sure what the delivered product is going to be. Shopping online can look exciting; with the perfect color, size, design, and, of course, the price but there’s one key factor that one typically does not take into account when purchasing online, the materials of the product. The fibers used in manufacturing today’s carpets are, in most cases, non-serviceable and non-color saturated. We have been in the rug cleaning business for over 100 years and see daily these marginal fibers come in for service and they cannot be cleaned. The true safeguard to choosing a rug or a house full of rugs is to shop with a reputable dealer. They will guide you to the correct product at the best price. After all, a company with longevity and generational experience has your best interest in mind and wants your continued business.

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