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Isberian Rug Company is a family-owned business located in Aspen and Basalt, Colorado.  Our team is made up of passionate and knowledgeable sales and service professionals who work together in both stores.

We offer our team members a full range of health benefits and competitive wages. Any available positions will be posted below. Otherwise, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to express your interest in joining the team!

Master Repairer and Restorer of Oriental Rugs, Tapestries and American Indian Weavings

Master Repairer and Restorer of Oriental Rugs, Tapestries and American Indian Weavings

Job Description: Managing the Repair and Restoration Department. Master repairer and restorer for Oriental Rugs, Tapestries, and American Indian Weavings, using traditional dye materials, dying techniques and sewing methods. Analyze rugs, tapestries, and weavings to provide repair estimates and communicate cost of service and determine length of time needed to complete project. Train all new hires on various dyes, textile varieties and types of damage and upkeep required in all carpets and rugs.

Job Requirements:  HS Diploma or GED and 1 year of experience in antique rug repair, restoration, dyes and custom restoration of antique rugs. Must also possess (i) the ability to repair contemporary rugs; (ii) knowledge of various grades of wool, cotton, silk, and synthetic fibers for the purposes of dyeing and weaving; (iii) knowledge of all weaving techniques used in Native American weaving and North African countries, Middle East, and Central Asia to China; (iv) the ability to read and follow plans and diagrams in English; (v) the ability to weave 1200 knots per square inch; and (vi) a valid driver’s license.  Travel: 5% domestic travel required

Resume to: Isberian Rug Company, Inc., 300 E. Cody Lane, Basalt, CO 81621, Attn:  H. Isberian, Vice President