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Isberian Rug Company - Oriental Rug Retailers of America

What kind of rug do you own and where is it from?

How old is your rug or what is your rug worth?

Is your rug worth appraising?

All of these questions and more can be answered by having your rug appraised. Having a current appraisal of your rug is as valuable as your rug itself. A rug has a variety of values such as, utility, sentimental, insurance, replacement, wholesale, probate, etc. Having an appraisal is especially important in the event your rug is ever damaged in a fire or flood, if your rug is ever stolen, or if you looking to sell the rug. Insurance companies rarely reimburse even a fraction of the value of a rug if there is no documentation prior to sustaining damage. Isberian Rug Company is one of only a few hundred certified rug appraisers in the country.

We have the broadest knowledge in the rug trade with over 100 years and 5 generations of family expertise. We deal with the entire spectrum of the rug business because we are in the retail sales, repair and restoration, and cleaning business and have exposure to all types of rugs. Our certified rug appraisal includes a brief history of your rug, structural analysis, identifying images and current market or insurance replacement value. We are capable of appraising any kind of textile from ancient weavings to the modern rugs of today. Appraisals can be completed in person or via photographs.

Email us photos of your rug to order a Certified Appraisal Online. We will contact you regarding the price for your appraisal and the estimated completion date. Please provide a phone number in your email.