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Rug Pads

Isberian Rug Company stocks a variety of high quality rug pad products for all types of floors, including hard surfaces, carpet, and radiant heated floors. To ensure our customers’ satisfaction, we choose to carry only the best pad products on the market.

The technology used in today’s pad products mitigates all of the problems you may experience with your area rugs, like bunching, slipping, wrinkling, curling, or crookedness. Depending on the product, pads should be replaced roughly every 3-4 years or more often in very high traffic areas.

Having the correct pad under all rugs is critical for the rugs’ functionality, longevity, and safety.

Some of the benefits of rug pads:
Padding reduces wear and improves the rug's overall performance.
Keeps the rug flat and makes vacuuming easy.
Prolongs the life of the rug by helping reduce impact of feet and weight of heavy furniture.
Prevents bunching and slipping making it safer on hard surfaces. Even rugs that are pinned under heavy furniture tend to bunch and slip without a pad.